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Vikerkaare, Tormi Development

General info

Planned residential area is located in Harju county in Kiili municipality, ca 10 km from Tallinn; 0.8 km from the Tallinn ring road and 1.4 km from Kiili.


Housing development has a very good location. The development of Vikerkaare and Torm residential districts is divided into two developments – Vikerkaare (30401: 001: 1366) with 14 registered estates and Tormi (30301: 001: 1369) with 7 registered estates. All estates are on sale as a whole for a price of 1 790 000.- EUR.


Water, sewage, gas and electricity are located in the development area at the border.


Basic layout of the detailed plan (2.71 MB)


Plots plan


Additional info

  • Water 60 m3 /d; 3 l/s
  • Sewage 7-8 l/s
  • Electricity 3 x 20A
  • Price 1 790 000.- eur

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